via Daily Prompt: Partner

Partner in Crime

Partner in rhyme,

A pen I bought for a dime

Will be my partner in time.


My dancing partner,

My writing partner

I dance with my hand

To a beat only I can master


via Daily Prompt: Dash

Rush and dash,

Huff and puff,

Don’t be late,

or you will regret

so many deadlines,

constantly running out of time,

Selling your soul,

Just to be rich

Chasing after a goal

that is always beyond reach.

So dash to your demise

The inevitable conclusion.

Hearrt-break Re-biirth


In a moment of weakness

I let my guard down

And she took advantage of me

Advantage of a past love

One with which I couldn’t cope.

For me it was a certainty

That there would be no forgiveness

That this fairy tale

Had an unlikely anti-climax

And yet you say

Despite my doubts,

Despite my mistakes,

Despite… yourself,

You still love me,

Does that mean,

I can dare to dream

I can dare to hope

That we may bury this hatchet

That our story

May still have

A happy ending?



via Daily Prompt: Exposure

Sometimes information

is presented to us

in a way that changes

how we perceive ourselves, other people, events, the world.

in a way that roughs up

our mental faculties

and kicks our cognitive dissonance

in the ass.

Exposure is important,

for you must learn

a new way to think

before you can master,

a new way to be.

if you’re not going to change your mind,

why have one?

After all, a mind

stretched by a new idea

can never go back

to its original size,

like the the big bang,

to the universe.

I Miss You.

I Miss You.


Sometimes I wonder,

If you think about me,

As much as I do you

When you listen to my music,

Like I do,

When I listen to yours.

Do you miss the times we spent together?

The laughter, the sarcasm, our conversations

Do you miss… me?

It irks me that things had to end

The way they did,

I wish we would have gone on longer

That is my lamentation

It begins to rain outside, as I write this

And for a moment, it’s as if

The heavens are sharing my sorrow…


This is what happens

When you make assumptions;

Our egos and their selfishness.

Avoiding eye contact on the corridors

Yet our souls crave each other

You try to hide it

Your big pretty eyes give you away

Every time you walk by

I know you see it in mine, because I don’t hide it

It’s not something I want to deny

I just want us to be friends again.

I miss you.

Your pen wrote this poem, by the way.