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via Daily Prompt: Imaginary

“…….As I was passing through this human town I came across a rather interesting scenario. There were loud sounds coming from a sound magnifier, which though they did not interest me, seemed pleasant to listen to by the humans crowded there. Music, they called it. One of the most engrossing things I have ever encountered in my travels. That a simple systematic combination of different sounds can result in something so… unpredictable, and its ability to alter, in my experience, your entire thought process. A thing of extremes, and a diversity unmatched. I can’t describe it enough, really. You just have to experience it.

So in the middle, right in the middle of the crowd, was a lone female moving in such a coordinated fashion which i later understood to be their form of dancing. Quite vigorous for my tastes but a feast for the eyes if you found a sufficiently skilled dancer. Those in the crowd watched intently, following her every move with their eyes and occasionally throwing pieces of metal and coloured paper which apparently were of value…….”


~ Observations of an Imaginary Friend




My waking thought, it has become,

A plant like no other, It goes by many names,

Marijuana, hashish, grass, ganja,

Weed, pot, sensimilla, sativa, 420

Bangi, kola, ngwai, if you speak Sheng’

So many more, it is known the world over.


Rizzla in place, a blunt I’m rolling

The smell of its freshness,


The whole squad is here, so lighter, please.

I want to blaze it up and get hIgh


One flick, the fire burns

Blunt in mouth, ready to get lit

As the flame draws nearer, I begin to inhale

Intoxicating flavor of the high grade

Fills my mouth as I take a hit


A feeling like no other, almost spiritual,

as the smoke caresses my windpipe

Like a cool breeze on a hot day

My lungs rejoice, a taste of heaven

This, is pure nicenesss.




I feel myself getting high, falling into deep meditation

A myriad thoughts crossing my mind

curiosity at the steering wheel of my imagination

Filled with euphoria, Leaving all my cares behind.




Elevate you soul, expand your mind

It makes no sense to criminalize

Mother Nature’s gift to mankind,

My tribute to herb I finalize

As I pass the blunt ‘pon the left hand side